Quality is the most importance as quality molds yield quality parts. The company has established a sound quality assurance management system . At the meantime, our internal tryout facility allow for strict control of our processes during the sampling stage. We guarantee our tooling will meet tough tolerances and will consistently deliver quality parts with the shortest cycle time.



All steel and electrodes will be measured comparing to 3d model.

Molding part will be measured per 2d print.

Shipment Inspection

For Mold shipment, we will provide below data and components together with Mold:

  • CD
  • Plastic Samples
  • Electrodes
  • Spare Parts
  • Steel Certification
  • Heat Treatment Report
  • The Latest 2D & 3D Mold Design
  • Final Mold Trial Parameter Report
  • Inspection Report of Final Samples & Steel
  • Others as Required